About Yosemite Country Foods

Yosemite Country Foods has been a family owned business located just south of Yosemite, since 1991. It was started so that Yosemite National Park could have its own unique product line. The product line has expanded to Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park. We also have numerous independent retail outlets.   For almost 30 years that vision has prospered and evolved. We feel privileged to sell our products in and around Yosemite. Products are now available on line as we develop a new avenue for the years to come.
We pay close attention to detail, nothing is too big or too small as we are extremely efficient for a small company. We use nothing but the freshest, top quality products available. You will receive the same first-rate service that the National Park gets.
Yosemite Country Foods is owned and operated by Dawn R. Connelly. She manages and operates all aspects of the business, from production to product delivery. Utilizing a diverse hospitality background of 30 years. We are currently re-tooling and adding online sales and more marketing.
Questions? Email yosemitecountryfoods@gmail.com 
Thank you for supporting a small, independent company!